You can actually feel it.

You can actually tell and feel when you’re starting to fade away from someone. The conversations get shorter, they get less meaningful, less exciting. You can feel the wall that’s coming up between you two. And then in the end, you’re back to being strangers.

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I love sleeping to avoid problems.
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25 is a weird age. Some people I know still live at home with their parents; some people I know are buying their first homes with their spouses. As for me, I’m still trying to survive law school and hopefully secure a job amidst the plethora of young lawyers trying to make it. I can’t decide whether to pursue my dream job (to help individuals who actually need help) or to pursue a dream lifestyle (to make lots of money by shuffling rich peoples’ money around). Regardless of what everyone tells you when you’re younger, I’m learning that the two are not usually compatible. 

When I talk to friends and adults who spend their lives giving back to their community or serving the underserved, I see so much life in them. I feel like their eyes shine brighter, they have more laugh wrinkles around their eyes, they seem so comfortable with themselves. Every time I talk to an individual like this, I remind myself that THIS is what I want. 

But then I check my Facebook and Instagram and see all my techie/doctor/finance friends jet-setting around the world, eating only at Michelin-Star restaurants and taking the most stunning photos with their GoPros…and I get jealous. Wouldn’t my life be fulfilled if I pursued a life of travel and adventure…and money? Or do we only see a glimpse of these peoples’ lives and they actually spend 80 hours/week behind a desk slaving away for corporate America? 

I honestly don’t know what the right answer is. I’m still trying to figure it out for myself.